Make your own style like a fashionista!!


This DIY project will give you an ideas about create your own style by make special something that is not same others and can do it easily, so let’s start with making unique shoes first.

#How to make glitter shoes

This project is making  glitter shoes which unique and cool, and you can do by yourself, it’s not hard and cheap as the original post claim that overall cost under $20 (except shoes).


  • Canvas shoes
  • Glitter powder
  • Paint brush
  • Decoupage glue
  • Adhesive tape
  • Newspaper


Ways to do..

Step 1: Start with prepare shoes, dust and remove the shoeslaces out, then stick adhesive tape over the non canvas parts of the shoe, especially the rubber that goes around the base of the shoes and put newspaper into shoes to make stable shape that easy to glue and apply glitter, also can keep glitter from falling into your shoes


Step 2: Start glue and apply glitter in small sections to smoothly apply the decoupage and brush the glitter powder evenly, should not more or less. This step you shouldn’t be glued cover the entire shoe because it could dry before you time you get to apply the glitter and makes the glitter doesn’t stick the shoes. After glue and apply glitter cover all the shoes leave it dry, after it dry, repeat the same steps for the second coast. And after it completely dry again, then just seal with a layer of decoupage and leave it dry again. It should be overnight.



  • You can mix a color of glitter powder together, it’s good idea to get the unique color.
  • For glue and glittering in each step, should leave it complete dry, otherwise the glitter will stick on brush that difficult to make in next step.
  • Should put the newspaper under shoes before you make it because it help to clean it easily, also can recycled the glitter that fall around the shoes between you make it.


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#How to change iPhone Case every day


It would be great if we can change mobile case every day by mix and match with our dress style without pay a lot. This project make you get that dream as making iPhone case by yourself and fit your style.


  • Clear iPhone case
  • Scrapbook paper
  • Scissors or cutter knife
  • Pencil
  • Others decorate materials such as glitter powder, sticker


Ways to do…

Step 1: Start with drawing template by using actual phone, just put the phone on scrapbook paper and draw the line follow the phone shape. However, don’t forget to do camera, this step should use the iPhone case by put on the paper template and draw the gap of camera. It’ll be fit than use the actual iPhone as a model.


Step 2: Cut paper template out and drill a hole for the camera with a cutter knife or scissors depend on you like. After that put a piece of paper into clear case and turn the beautiful side out, but don’t need to glue it then put the iPhone back. Finish.



  • You can decorative paper by put stickers or apply glitter or even your photo, depend on your idea.
  • Not only use scrapbook paper, you can use gift wrap or your photo as well.


Image & info:


12 thoughts on “Make your own style like a fashionista!!

  1. I think every project is very nice. It makes me have an inspiration to do many new good things which I haven’t known before.
    Such a useful project!

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