DIY Recycled Projects


If you are one like a craft and DIY project, don’t miss ‘DIY recycle project’. This project just use what already have at home to create beneficial things, also helps reduce waste. This post I have 2 easy ideas for recycle some rubbish in your house become useful stuffs. Let’s start!!

# Paper carton planters


This is a great ideas for build mini herb garden, or if you live in house that no land for gardening, it’s not a problem anymore. If your home have a box of orange juice, grape juice, carrot juice or milk carton that already drink out, don’t put it in a trash because of these box can be made small vegetable patch. It can become potted plants that don’t need to additional pay cost. In addition, to get the vegetables for eat. It also helps reduce waste as well.


  • Juice or milk cartons
  • Soil
  • Herb or flower seeds
  • Scissors


Ways to do it!!

Start to prepare juice or milk cartons that you don’t need it. Clean inside box, then leave it dry, should be about 1 day. After it dry, you need to cut the box side that you want, but remember just one side. While the another side, you may choose to drill holes or no holes for drain and air. Then put some soil, include herb or flower seeds. Finally put it in some place that you want in your garden or balcony.

Image : shamley-green-gardeningclub


#Toilet roll pencil case


As you know, tissue paper cores is rubbish which many house don’t want and it was left in garbage a lot each day, so this is a good ideas to recycled it.


  • Toilet roll core 2 pieces
  • Flannel fabric
  • Zipper
  • Cardboard
  • Needle and thread
  • Scissors
  • Adhesive tape


Ways to do it!!

Step 1 : Start to prepare toilet roll core 2 pieces, but as you know only one toilet roll core don’t have enough length for put pencil or pen. So, we had to use two tissue paper cores and cut another one into two parts by a split it at a 1: 3. Then bring the longer one that was already cut stick with first one that you didn’t cut it by adhesive tape. This step you’ll get 2 the tissue paper cores as long size and short size.


Step 2: Wrapped the longer piece of tissue paper cores from step 1 by flannel fabric and also left the end of the flannel for sewing. For the short one, you can do the same and cut the short size of flannel out, then stick 2 pieces of flannel together by zipper as picture below.


Step 3: Fold the flannel fabric along the length with side connect fit each other which seam zipper will outside. Then put pins and sew the flannel together along the length. After that return the flannel that already sewed from inside to outside and put tissue paper cores in middle of the sewed flannel and stick it by glue, as picture below.


Step 4: Cut the 2 pieces of cardboard in same size of a circle of a tissue paper core, then measure new piece of flannel fabric by the cardboard circle and cut it again. After that, sew the circle flannel at the end of tissue paper cores in step 3 and finish. However, you can decorate it by stick ribbon or button, whatever that you like it but should do before sew the zipper in step 2.


Image & info :

As I told you, this ideas you can do easily by yourself and also help to save cost and save earth by recycle the rubbish in your house. So it’s good ideas that you should try.


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