Amazing ideas for gift wrapping

Have anyone have problem with gift wrapping? No worries anymore.

As I asked question above, Have you ever prepared to buy a special gift for special one? You specially intended for this gift. You want to wrap it by yourself but even try, your gift wrap become worse than isn’t wrapped it.

Today, Inspire by DIY will share several cool ideas for wrapping you gift for celebrating in special day. It’s easy and you can do by yourself

Surely after look at this, gift wrapping that you believe it extremely difficult and fussy, will not your problem anymore whether celebrating a birthday gift, Christmas, New year, Anniversary or Mother’s Day gift.

#Paper bow

Firstly, it’s make paper bow for gift wrapping, this DIY projects so easy, just start to choose the colour of paper that you want or use colourful paper, then cut by follow form from the picture as below. This is making gift bow from 3 pieces of paper which was cut in different form, then combine together by glue.


Image : DIY Craft Project

#Classic Ribbon Bow

As you know, ribbon bow still popular for make gift wrapping. This is classic style of making ribbon bow that you shouldn’t missed. It’s like a basic step of making gift bow that you can adapt into next professional style. As well as this classic style is so easy to do it, just used the one line of Ribbon and you can make it by yourself. It’s not take long time and help you to save cost from gift wrapping by shop.

There are 4 steps, it start hold ribbon with your hand from 2 side follow the picture below as fold the ribbon length back and forth, forming two loops at the top and one loop in the bottom center and be careful don’t not to twist the ribbon.


Step 2, make the ribbon cross the top right loop over the top left loop.


Step 3, fold ribbon what is now the left loop down behind the right loop and then through the bottom loop. This step may make you confuse, so please be careful and follow the step slowly.


Step 4, it’s last step and just pull the top loops taut, forming a knot in the center of the bow. Trim the tails and notch the ends, and you will get the classic ribbon bow perfectly.


Image & info : Better homes and garden website

#Gift Wrapping in Japanese style

For me, making gift wrap either small or big one may not difficult, but it’s not easy to finish this perfectly until I found this VDO clip on youtube, so amazing, this VDO showing how to make gift wrapping in Japanese style. It’s different gift wrapping that I ever known.  So, I would be great if I’ll share to you.

There are 2 VDO clips, first one is gift wrapping in Kimono style and second one is fantastic style. Both try to make slowly which you can understand easily.

  • Kimono style

  • Fantastic style

Credit: Paper Guru

So, this all ideas that I found in different source and wanna sharing to you. By all of this idea I hope that it useful for you when you need to make gift wrapping by yourself. Although, it might not too easy to do but some idea is not difficult if you willing to do.


8 thoughts on “Amazing ideas for gift wrapping

    • Thanks Don, I really happy if it useful for you. Maybe try to look more idea at Youtube, have a lot of things that helpful for your friend’s birthday gift.


  1. I love wrapping presents and it’s always up to me to wrap presents in my household so your ideas have given me some inspiration to try and wrap my gifts in a more creative way. Thank you for sharing your ideas and i look forward to trying them when i wrap my friends birthday present next month.


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