7 cool D.I.Y ideas project that you shouldn’t miss!!

Hello everyone!!

Have anyone love to create any items by yourself? or Have anyone love D.I.Y project ? This bog will show many awesome ideas for D.I.Y. Everything that you can make it cool yourself. Easy!! Fun!!

Firstly, I’ll come up with 7 cool ideas for D.I.Y projects that you shouldn’t miss!! It’s like a guideline to enjoy the next step D.I.Y projects if you love it…

Have Fun!! Let’s try to do it and let me know if it work.

#1. Nail Polish Key Identification

Make a colourful life, create a unique keys for each door.  Painting different colours of nail polish on your keys whether glitter, matte or normal colour, you can use it. So easy to remember!!

Tutorial: http://www.abubblylife.com/2012/04/5-minute-diy-color-code-your-keys.html

#2. Amazing Own Lib balm

Create your own lip balms with basic ingredient that very simple as a bee’s or carnauba wax, fat from olive, almond oil and mix with your favourite scent as lemon, strawberry or lavender and follow way and recipe with link below.

Tutorial: http://inhabitat.com/diy-holiday-gift-how-to-make-handmade-lip-balms/

 #3. Pebble Placement

This idea, you need to collect beach pebbles, then glue them with a flat circle of wood by hot glue gun. It will become a perfect placement for your kitchen. These placement can use with hot tea pot and warm serving bowls.

Tutorial: http://glitzbliss.blogspot.ca/search/label/DIY

 #4. Stone Photo Display

This items is not too difficult but you need to have proper wire that are easy to bend. First, prepare your ingredients as stone, floral wire, something that have a coil shape as glue pen and awesome your photos.

Start to choose a clean and dry stone, then wrap the floral wire around the stone tightly as a base, then wrap the end of wire around glue pen about 2 times. Next put your awesome photo between wire coils and display them anywhere.

Tutorial: http://content.photojojo.com/diy/diy-rock-photo-holders/

#5. Romantic Tea Light

Build romance mood with candle light in tea cup for your room, easy idea,  just select shape tea cup that you like and put a coffee bean as full cup, then place the candle in the middle and set on fire, finally, your room was filled with romantic atmosphere.

Image : www.woohome.com

#6. Covered Pillow without Sew

Make new covered pillow without sew, just fold and tie a piece of fabric 3 times. Start to put the pillow in the center of inside of fabric. Then folding the bottom half of the fabric to the center of the pillow and fold again from top down to center. Next, bring one side over the top of the pillow and do the same in other side. Now tie the ends in a square knot and finished (You can follow ink below to get more detail).

Tutorial: http://organizeyourstuffnow.com/wordpress/the-easiest-pillow-cover-ever

#7. Photo Slides Vertical Lamp

If you have a photo film slide that you don’t want…Don’t leave it!! You can start this ideas with looking for the best vertical lamp and stick your photo slide around the lamp, then you’ll get the coolest lamp in classic style.

How do you feel about these ideas? Like or not like? However, if you take some ideas and try do it.

Let’s me know and share your experience here…

Next, we’ll be back with D.I.Y ideas for something special for decorate your home.


15 thoughts on “7 cool D.I.Y ideas project that you shouldn’t miss!!

  1. Hi Sasi,
    What a great blog, I love your layout. All your ideas sound great and it inspires me to try them out.
    I look forward to reading your next post

    – Kim 🙂


  2. Hi, Sasi.

    I like the idea of using nail polish to colour your keys. But I was just wondering – will the nail polish come out after awhile? Because I had problem maintaining my nail polish on my fingernails for more than a week…Happy to hear your thoughts.


  3. Hi Sasi, I look your good idea and I did a stone photo display. it’s really cool and awesome. I will show you photo next time, Cheers, Jan


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