Make your own style like a fashionista!!


This DIY project will give you an ideas about create your own style by make special something that is not same others and can do it easily, so let’s start with making unique shoes first.

#How to make glitter shoes

This project is making  glitter shoes which unique and cool, and you can do by yourself, it’s not hard and cheap as the original post claim that overall cost under $20 (except shoes).


  • Canvas shoes
  • Glitter powder
  • Paint brush
  • Decoupage glue
  • Adhesive tape
  • Newspaper


Ways to do..

Step 1: Start with prepare shoes, dust and remove the shoeslaces out, then stick adhesive tape over the non canvas parts of the shoe, especially the rubber that goes around the base of the shoes and put newspaper into shoes to make stable shape that easy to glue and apply glitter, also can keep glitter from falling into your shoes


Step 2: Start glue and apply glitter in small sections to smoothly apply the decoupage and brush the glitter powder evenly, should not more or less. This step you shouldn’t be glued cover the entire shoe because it could dry before you time you get to apply the glitter and makes the glitter doesn’t stick the shoes. After glue and apply glitter cover all the shoes leave it dry, after it dry, repeat the same steps for the second coast. And after it completely dry again, then just seal with a layer of decoupage and leave it dry again. It should be overnight.



  • You can mix a color of glitter powder together, it’s good idea to get the unique color.
  • For glue and glittering in each step, should leave it complete dry, otherwise the glitter will stick on brush that difficult to make in next step.
  • Should put the newspaper under shoes before you make it because it help to clean it easily, also can recycled the glitter that fall around the shoes between you make it.


Image & info : http://thecraftedlife.com


#How to change iPhone Case every day


It would be great if we can change mobile case every day by mix and match with our dress style without pay a lot. This project make you get that dream as making iPhone case by yourself and fit your style.


  • Clear iPhone case
  • Scrapbook paper
  • Scissors or cutter knife
  • Pencil
  • Others decorate materials such as glitter powder, sticker


Ways to do…

Step 1: Start with drawing template by using actual phone, just put the phone on scrapbook paper and draw the line follow the phone shape. However, don’t forget to do camera, this step should use the iPhone case by put on the paper template and draw the gap of camera. It’ll be fit than use the actual iPhone as a model.


Step 2: Cut paper template out and drill a hole for the camera with a cutter knife or scissors depend on you like. After that put a piece of paper into clear case and turn the beautiful side out, but don’t need to glue it then put the iPhone back. Finish.



  • You can decorative paper by put stickers or apply glitter or even your photo, depend on your idea.
  • Not only use scrapbook paper, you can use gift wrap or your photo as well.


Image & info: http://www.classyclutter.net


DIY Recycled Projects


If you are one like a craft and DIY project, don’t miss ‘DIY recycle project’. This project just use what already have at home to create beneficial things, also helps reduce waste. This post I have 2 easy ideas for recycle some rubbish in your house become useful stuffs. Let’s start!!

# Paper carton planters


This is a great ideas for build mini herb garden, or if you live in house that no land for gardening, it’s not a problem anymore. If your home have a box of orange juice, grape juice, carrot juice or milk carton that already drink out, don’t put it in a trash because of these box can be made small vegetable patch. It can become potted plants that don’t need to additional pay cost. In addition, to get the vegetables for eat. It also helps reduce waste as well.


  • Juice or milk cartons
  • Soil
  • Herb or flower seeds
  • Scissors


Ways to do it!!

Start to prepare juice or milk cartons that you don’t need it. Clean inside box, then leave it dry, should be about 1 day. After it dry, you need to cut the box side that you want, but remember just one side. While the another side, you may choose to drill holes or no holes for drain and air. Then put some soil, include herb or flower seeds. Finally put it in some place that you want in your garden or balcony.

Image : shamley-green-gardeningclub


#Toilet roll pencil case


As you know, tissue paper cores is rubbish which many house don’t want and it was left in garbage a lot each day, so this is a good ideas to recycled it.


  • Toilet roll core 2 pieces
  • Flannel fabric
  • Zipper
  • Cardboard
  • Needle and thread
  • Scissors
  • Adhesive tape


Ways to do it!!

Step 1 : Start to prepare toilet roll core 2 pieces, but as you know only one toilet roll core don’t have enough length for put pencil or pen. So, we had to use two tissue paper cores and cut another one into two parts by a split it at a 1: 3. Then bring the longer one that was already cut stick with first one that you didn’t cut it by adhesive tape. This step you’ll get 2 the tissue paper cores as long size and short size.


Step 2: Wrapped the longer piece of tissue paper cores from step 1 by flannel fabric and also left the end of the flannel for sewing. For the short one, you can do the same and cut the short size of flannel out, then stick 2 pieces of flannel together by zipper as picture below.


Step 3: Fold the flannel fabric along the length with side connect fit each other which seam zipper will outside. Then put pins and sew the flannel together along the length. After that return the flannel that already sewed from inside to outside and put tissue paper cores in middle of the sewed flannel and stick it by glue, as picture below.


Step 4: Cut the 2 pieces of cardboard in same size of a circle of a tissue paper core, then measure new piece of flannel fabric by the cardboard circle and cut it again. After that, sew the circle flannel at the end of tissue paper cores in step 3 and finish. However, you can decorate it by stick ribbon or button, whatever that you like it but should do before sew the zipper in step 2.


Image & info : www.blissy.com

As I told you, this ideas you can do easily by yourself and also help to save cost and save earth by recycle the rubbish in your house. So it’s good ideas that you should try.


Amazing ideas for gift wrapping

Have anyone have problem with gift wrapping? No worries anymore.

As I asked question above, Have you ever prepared to buy a special gift for special one? You specially intended for this gift. You want to wrap it by yourself but even try, your gift wrap become worse than isn’t wrapped it.

Today, Inspire by DIY will share several cool ideas for wrapping you gift for celebrating in special day. It’s easy and you can do by yourself

Surely after look at this, gift wrapping that you believe it extremely difficult and fussy, will not your problem anymore whether celebrating a birthday gift, Christmas, New year, Anniversary or Mother’s Day gift.

#Paper bow

Firstly, it’s make paper bow for gift wrapping, this DIY projects so easy, just start to choose the colour of paper that you want or use colourful paper, then cut by follow form from the picture as below. This is making gift bow from 3 pieces of paper which was cut in different form, then combine together by glue.


Image : DIY Craft Project

#Classic Ribbon Bow

As you know, ribbon bow still popular for make gift wrapping. This is classic style of making ribbon bow that you shouldn’t missed. It’s like a basic step of making gift bow that you can adapt into next professional style. As well as this classic style is so easy to do it, just used the one line of Ribbon and you can make it by yourself. It’s not take long time and help you to save cost from gift wrapping by shop.

There are 4 steps, it start hold ribbon with your hand from 2 side follow the picture below as fold the ribbon length back and forth, forming two loops at the top and one loop in the bottom center and be careful don’t not to twist the ribbon.


Step 2, make the ribbon cross the top right loop over the top left loop.


Step 3, fold ribbon what is now the left loop down behind the right loop and then through the bottom loop. This step may make you confuse, so please be careful and follow the step slowly.


Step 4, it’s last step and just pull the top loops taut, forming a knot in the center of the bow. Trim the tails and notch the ends, and you will get the classic ribbon bow perfectly.


Image & info : Better homes and garden website

#Gift Wrapping in Japanese style

For me, making gift wrap either small or big one may not difficult, but it’s not easy to finish this perfectly until I found this VDO clip on youtube, so amazing, this VDO showing how to make gift wrapping in Japanese style. It’s different gift wrapping that I ever known.  So, I would be great if I’ll share to you.

There are 2 VDO clips, first one is gift wrapping in Kimono style and second one is fantastic style. Both try to make slowly which you can understand easily.

  • Kimono style

  • Fantastic style

Credit: Paper Guru

So, this all ideas that I found in different source and wanna sharing to you. By all of this idea I hope that it useful for you when you need to make gift wrapping by yourself. Although, it might not too easy to do but some idea is not difficult if you willing to do.


Tealight candle glass


Hello guys…

First, I’m so sorry for my second post late. Yep that’s all know, it quite a bit busy for assignment in this period, anyway, please continue to follow my post.

This post, I tried to look for something that it’s not useful for my house and I found a lot of small glasses that I never use and now I want to change it for decorate my house.

First of all, I wanna say, I love an aroma and candle light, I always turn on an aroma candle when take a bath or sleeping time, so I got idea to DIY, change these small glasses become to ‘Tealight candle glass’.

 Tealight candle glass’s materials

  • Small clear glasses that you didn’t want them anymore
  • Candle
  • Color stone (Can buy at Daiso or Stationary shop)
  • Handicraft Glue
  • Color that you want
  • Sponge


Let’s start…  

First begin to clean and make your glasses clear, then prepare your materials as a list above, I would like said some material you can find so easily at Daiso, stationary shop or at home.


Second step, I start to stick handicraft glue around the glass, then I take a slightly damp sponge. This step please be careful, don’t need to use a lot of water, just a little bit is enough.

After that, I take a damp sponge dipped in color and lightly tinted round a glass about 2-3 times or do it again until you can see color clearly and left it dry.


After color dry, you can put another color into it again, like a mix color together, however it depend on your idea that how to decorate it more beautiful?


Finally, I put the color stone into the glasses nearly full, after that follow with candle into glass, this step you can select the color of stone that you like, for me, I have the green and blue color at home but I think if I use a white color, it may be look better.

6 1

Yeah, finish…

What do you think about this project, Is it not you hard, right? I think you can do at home by yourself. Just find something that you don’t need and change it with your ideas, you may make another one like this or thinking the new idea and make it.

However, if you get some idea that interesting for DIY, please sharing your ideas with me.

Next, I’ll come with another idea that amazing, don’t forget to follow it. Thanks ^^


7 cool D.I.Y ideas project that you shouldn’t miss!!

Hello everyone!!

Have anyone love to create any items by yourself? or Have anyone love D.I.Y project ? This bog will show many awesome ideas for D.I.Y. Everything that you can make it cool yourself. Easy!! Fun!!

Firstly, I’ll come up with 7 cool ideas for D.I.Y projects that you shouldn’t miss!! It’s like a guideline to enjoy the next step D.I.Y projects if you love it…

Have Fun!! Let’s try to do it and let me know if it work.

#1. Nail Polish Key Identification

Make a colourful life, create a unique keys for each door.  Painting different colours of nail polish on your keys whether glitter, matte or normal colour, you can use it. So easy to remember!!

Tutorial: http://www.abubblylife.com/2012/04/5-minute-diy-color-code-your-keys.html

#2. Amazing Own Lib balm

Create your own lip balms with basic ingredient that very simple as a bee’s or carnauba wax, fat from olive, almond oil and mix with your favourite scent as lemon, strawberry or lavender and follow way and recipe with link below.

Tutorial: http://inhabitat.com/diy-holiday-gift-how-to-make-handmade-lip-balms/

 #3. Pebble Placement

This idea, you need to collect beach pebbles, then glue them with a flat circle of wood by hot glue gun. It will become a perfect placement for your kitchen. These placement can use with hot tea pot and warm serving bowls.

Tutorial: http://glitzbliss.blogspot.ca/search/label/DIY

 #4. Stone Photo Display

This items is not too difficult but you need to have proper wire that are easy to bend. First, prepare your ingredients as stone, floral wire, something that have a coil shape as glue pen and awesome your photos.

Start to choose a clean and dry stone, then wrap the floral wire around the stone tightly as a base, then wrap the end of wire around glue pen about 2 times. Next put your awesome photo between wire coils and display them anywhere.

Tutorial: http://content.photojojo.com/diy/diy-rock-photo-holders/

#5. Romantic Tea Light

Build romance mood with candle light in tea cup for your room, easy idea,  just select shape tea cup that you like and put a coffee bean as full cup, then place the candle in the middle and set on fire, finally, your room was filled with romantic atmosphere.

Image : www.woohome.com

#6. Covered Pillow without Sew

Make new covered pillow without sew, just fold and tie a piece of fabric 3 times. Start to put the pillow in the center of inside of fabric. Then folding the bottom half of the fabric to the center of the pillow and fold again from top down to center. Next, bring one side over the top of the pillow and do the same in other side. Now tie the ends in a square knot and finished (You can follow ink below to get more detail).

Tutorial: http://organizeyourstuffnow.com/wordpress/the-easiest-pillow-cover-ever

#7. Photo Slides Vertical Lamp

If you have a photo film slide that you don’t want…Don’t leave it!! You can start this ideas with looking for the best vertical lamp and stick your photo slide around the lamp, then you’ll get the coolest lamp in classic style.

How do you feel about these ideas? Like or not like? However, if you take some ideas and try do it.

Let’s me know and share your experience here…

Next, we’ll be back with D.I.Y ideas for something special for decorate your home.